Can I manually zero or auto zero the P1 pedals?

Yes, just like the PowerTap hub, you can perform a manual zero. We recommend that you perform a manual zero before each ride. The pedals also have active temperature compensation where sensors within the pedal monitor the temperature and adjust the offset accordingly.

It's quick and easy to do from the PowerTap iOS app, Rouvy Android app or your head unit. This function has different names depending what device you are using. Calibrate, manual zero, and zero offset are the most common way this function is reference on a head unit.

To calibrate the pedals, spin up your crank for at least 10 seconds. With the pedals on and paired to your head unit or app, perform the zero offset while you and your bike are at rest - meaning no weight on the pedals, feet on the ground and the bike resting against a tree or wall. And if your power meter fails to calibrate successfully, please reach out to our support team.

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