How do I update my G3 hub's firmware?

As of 4/22/14 you can update the Powercap on a Mac with PowerAgent 7.7.5

Video instructions are available HERE.

  • Spin the wheel/axle a couple times with the Powercap still on to "wake up" the Powercap
  • Take Powercap off by removing the triangular nut and pulling Powercap straight off (do NOT twist)
  • Remove the CR2032 battery from the Powercap 
  • Plug the Powercap without the battery into your computer using a micro USB cable
  • Open PowerAgent
  • Navigate to Tools > Firmware > Check for Firmware Update
  • Click OK to begin the firmware update
  • Firmware will install. With some new versions of firmware, Window OS will need to “re-find” the attached PowerCap. Let it run to completion. 
  • When PowerAgent says the update was successful, click OK and unplug Powercap 
  • Wait 10 seconds, plug battery back into the Powercap
  • Install PowerCap back on PowerTap hub 
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